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The Avett Brothers at Mt Rushmore today 7/8/14


And have you ever really seen me
Like I want for you to see me now

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2014 Bonnaroo Arts And Music Festival - Day 4 
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The Avett Brothers - Bonnaroo 2012

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I have  not survived this photo
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"The person I am and the person I’ll be refuse to meet"
The Avett Brothers, Black, Blue

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Offering - The Avett Brothers

I’ve known others. And I’ve loved others, too. But I loved them ‘cause they were stepping stones… on a staircase to you.

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Salina, I’m as nowhere as I can be
Could you add some somewhere to me?

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So my little sis & her fiancé got my twinny & I these wine glasses for our b-day. How cool are they?!